Tuesday, July 20, 2004

New Thoughts about Python

I met with Michael McLay (starship.python.net/crew/mclay) yesterday for a few hours.  We talked about Python and how I could use it in Verve.  
Here's what I'm thinking:  If I only needed a scripting language for the desired behavior files, I would probably stick with Lua; however, I'm thinking more and more about going back and writing most of Verve with a scripting language.  In this case I would probably choose Python since it has a larger community and a ton of existing libraries.  I need to reimplement NEAT anyway, so I might write it (except for the parts that need to be really fast) in Python, too.
Of course, I'll need to spend some time learning Python first...
Please post comments if you have an opinion on any of this.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler,

I haven't used either Python or Lua, but from what I've heard, Python is a great language for fast prototyping.

Looks like you're moving along nicely...keep the updates coming.

(...and thanks for the notice about anonymous comments). ;)


Anonymous said...

STREETDAWG in da hizouse!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow Tyler, awesome webpage! I just came across it and just wanted to say hi and that your work is amazing!! Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

I've just started learning Python myself and I think it's a great language. The syntax is easy to understand (compared to Perl), the code-compile-debug cycle is greatly streamlined (compared to C, C++, or Java), and there are tons of 3rd-party libraries out there. All that adds up to a great prototyping language.

Tyler Streeter said...

A lot of people have encouraged me to use Python since I first started checking it out. I still haven't had time to learn it (I'm not ready to rewrite a lot of the code for this project anyway), so it can wait a little longer.

Once I finalize the learning algorithm(s) to be used in Verve, I think I'll write most of the core components in C++. Then I'll probably have separate APIs written in C++, Python, and Lua since most game developers will probably want to use one of those three.