Friday, January 06, 2006

First software release soon

I'm planning on releasing an initial version of the Verve library soon. It will probably be the version I used for my master's thesis experiments. Even though I have lots of ideas for further development, I think I'll just release the "thesis version," mainly to have a snapshot of the software at the time I wrote the thesis. Not sure if I'll even reimplement the XML loading and saving code (which worked a looong time ago but got totally outdated after a ton of architecture changes... so I just commented it out). So look for something like version 0.1.0 soon.

Also, I've recently registered the project on SourceForge as 'verve-agents.' So now the main project website is (For the record, the old site was The new site is powered by the PHP-based Dokuwiki software, making it much easier for me to manage than a bunch of HTML files.

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