Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Updated Website

I recently overhauled my website. Now instead of using ugly pages created in Word, I'm using a Tiddlywiki-based system. I think it turned out pretty well. I spent a lot of time polishing up old projects to make them presentable online. This includes lots of new content, like screenshots, videos, and executable downloads (e.g., win32 executables for Opal Playpen and the Curious Robot Playground). Here are some highlights of the new stuff:


Jon Lister said...

Hey Tyler,

Great to see you using TiddlyWiki as your website. I work for Osmosoft ( and TiddlyWiki is the main project we work on, so it's always good to see more converts!

John said...

No fish movie?

You've got a sweet eye for visualization. Science that is accidentally art rules.


Tyler Streeter said...

Thanks, John. I've got a list of movies to make, including a fish movie, but they take a while. I'll post here when I have anything more.