Monday, December 29, 2008

iBonsai Version 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

UPDATE (1/5/09): iBonsai was featured on and

I just finished iBonsai, a new app for the iPhone and iPod touch, which is now available on the App Store:

For more info about this app and my long-term business plans, visit my new company website.

iBonsai Description
Bonsai is the Japanese art of miniaturizing trees by growing them in small pots. Now you can create your own 3D miniature trees right on your iPhone or iPod!

With a tap of your finger, iBonsai's sophisticated generative algorithm begins growing a unique digital tree. No two bonsai trees are the same! After about 30 seconds of growth, your mature bonsai becomes a beautifully rendered image in the sumi-e style of Japanese brush painting.

Enjoy the zen-like relaxing nature of this ancient art form.

- Simple, clean interface.
- Interactive 3D view. Rotate/zoom to see your trees from all angles.
- Many different leaf types: japanese maple, flowering dogwood, and more (even a rare money tree...).
- Shake your iPhone/iPod to scatter leaves!
- Save images of your favorite trees, then use them for your background.
- Optional gravity-based viewing mode makes the tree appear to float in space.
- Advanced generative algorithm and random number generator give you totally unique results every time. Produce virtually infinite trees!


Ipod Touch said...

Have you try new iBonsai 2.0 version?
Since version 1.0 had many requests for background music and more control in general.

iPod Touch Mic

Tyler Streeter said...

Yes, I have tried version 2.0. It's awesome!!!