Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Neuron and Tree Growth Simulations


Chad said...

Very cool pictures. How did you generate them?

Also, I just saw IMVU ads on your blog. o_O

Tyler Streeter said...

Each source starts with a certain number of paths, and each path has its own velocity vector which determines the direction of growth. The paths have a bunch of parameters, like Gaussian noise variance on the growth vector, branching probability, thinning rate, etc.

I use PyOpenGL to draw all the paths as translucent antialiased lines. At each step I just draw a small line segment at the end of each path, and I never clear the frame buffer. It runs pretty fast since I'm not redrawing everything constantly.

That's cool about the IMVU ads. I haven't seen them on there yet. I'm glad to be supporting you guys in some way. :)